Gaiadon Heart

11-11-11 – The Vision Manifest


Dearest Ones of the Gaia-Dawn Core Heart, 
You are indeed the chosen ones who have made your presence upon this sacred land.  

You are the ones who have answered the clarion call. 
You are the ones who have left no stone unturned to appear here and now, to fulfill the destiny of the beloved Gaia-Dawn Heart Family of Love.

It is time now for the dream of the Gaia-Dawn Heart to come into fruition. 

It is time now for the Divine Plan to manifest upon the Earth. 

It is time now for us to physically move through the last dimensional veil which transforms into the ultimate gateway of the 11-11-11 allowing you to emerge on the other side as the Grand Masters of the New Gaia. 

We are gathering to

Deconstruct the Template of Fear of and Attachment to Matter Activate the Gaia-Dawn Heart Sanctuary Activate the 11-11-11 Portal Design the New Structures of Love Be-come the Shift Consecrate the Sanctum and the Sanctuary Weave the Tapestry of Love for the new Consciousness Grid Construct the Mirrored Dimensions of the New Realms Activate the New Blue Print of the Paradigm of Truth Live in Truth consciousness. 

In addition, we shall bless our sacred land with every step we take, with every breath, with every thought and word, our feet on the sacred soil shall leave the footprints on the sands of time. Our blessing hands and eyes shall oversee the master plan and initiate the foundation of the structure of our vision so we may create the energy chambers that will open within the sacred wisdom temple that will be the legacy for those that come after. 

  • The Journey Home 
  • Realms of Light 
  • The Gaia-Dawn Heart Sanctuary 
  • On The Wings of Light 
  • The Gaia-Dawn Heart Sanctuary 
  • The Vision Manifest – A Divine Blessing 
  • Portals of Ascension 
  • Harvesting the Light 
  • The Age of Truth Consciousness 
  • Core Light Initiations 
  • The Moment is Now: Paradigm Shift
    Hold the focus Dearest Ones, and Be the Love that you are. Be the Light that you are… You are the Gaia-Dawn Heart.
The ultimate truth of our mastery is to be in service.
Are you Ready?