Gaiadon Heart

Light Vortex Spin Activation

Beloved Gaiadon Souls,

And so this is the coming together of the Gaiadon Hearts to become the anchors of Higher Light, to become the Chalice that holds the Higher Love, and to become the Arc(h)s of Divinity, that shall continue to hold the Cellular Grids of Light in our Bodies so that the New Wave of Limitless Light shall radiate as a rhythmic pulsation, an endless waveform pattern that continues and continues, to constantly grow in its resonance, to allow the Limitless Light to transform all Life. In this divine space, the Gaiadon Hearts, are drawn to create an instant in Gaia’s Story, which marks the instant when all Human Hearts are touched by an Amazing Grace, and all souls can feel it and sense and know, with one quickening heart pulse that this is the Great Awakening.

We shall facilitate this with all our being-ness and our immense love for Gaia, Beloved Ones.

As you volunteer to hold the Grid points of light within your body cells, and as you commit yourselves to this task, you shall re-create the incredible Light Vortex of Love, Peace, Light and Joy, anchored through the core of your Heart-Soul. You shall align the core of this Light Vortex with the Heart Core of Mother Gaia and with the Core of Creation, Source.

As you activate many powerful energetic thought forms through frequencies and pulsations, all of them emanating from the single unified core center, you shall empower the Light Vortex with your Love and Light.

And so we begin the task of preparing for the Higher Light to seed in the various anchor points, knowing that our hearts hold the eternal flame. We shall indeed blaze forth this inextinguishable Light, so that all else dissolves into its Glorious Radiance.

Know, Beloved Ones that this group of Light-gatherers shall indeed re-inforce the destiny of our Gaia, to be-come the Gaia-Star that is Her true Nature and Being.

The Gaiadon Heart holds the perfectly aligned vibration of Gaia and Adonai, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in its unity. 

Pulsing Gaiadon Heart Love,