Gaiadon Heart

Light Continuum Activations at The Portal of Ascension!!

The Gaiadon Family gathers once again to co-create these paradigm shifting energies, so vital in now-time

Dearest Gaiadon Hearts,

Onward and upward we march to the next shift point in our Journey Home.

I honestly feel that the new energy creates itself, and propels us so endearingly with gentle nudges until we realise that we are in a new space, even without

remembering how we got there.

The same Divine force that made my beloved sister Marva take a trip to Mount Shasta, (I don’t think she needed much persuasion) to make enquiries for the next gathering of the Gaiadon Hearts for the June Solstice, in 2008, is now crystalizing a divine thought into the manifestation of a grand new reality.

An ancient promise is to be fulfilled. An original sacred contract is about to be completed. A new Light Continuum is to be activated, at this Portal of Ascension,

as we Re-turn to turn the corner and move right into the One Heart.

We spiral through the Shift Point and pulse into the final phase of our journey. 

Once activated, this new Pathway expands within our consciousness, allowing the new fifth-dimensional Gaia to be-come a permanent and continuous reality.

The New Gaia-Star manifests and no more can Earth allow limitation to be ever a part of her journey as we participate in this liberation of the planet into the new freedom of be-ing.

The Celestial Tree of Life be-comes a Celestial Sphere and consciousness evolves, grows, expands, and shifts into the new Paradigm of Love.

We Are One With Mount Shasta!

Mount Shasta magnetizes the Gaiadon Hearts to gather as One, to co-create the New Gaia-Star as the ending of the human his/her story is re-written.

We are invited to the Light Celebration.

Celebration and Silence…

Joy and Peace…

Dance and Meditation…..

Again, there are few words to describe what actually will happen… so let us flow into The experience, and just Be-come….the One Heart!

  • The Inner Temple & the Guardians of the Portal
  • Celestial Bridge through the Pleiades – The Alcyone Continuum
  • Heart Continuum through the Zero-Point
  • The Emerald – Gold City
  • The Lemurian Heart
  • The Holographic Tree of Life
  • The Great Initiator Appears
  • New Unity Codes
  • The Priestesshood
  • Inter-Cellular Inter-Stellar Pathways of Light
  • New Gaiadon Templates
  • Quantum Quickening
  • The Critical Mass 
  • 2012
  • Ascension and Physical Ascension