Gaiadon Heart

The Gaiadon Heart
Module II

As you begin your new co-creation tasks, to create the New Gaia Earth Star, and to embark on this awesome task of anchoring the Celestial Sacred Heart Christa-Alenah Consciousness Grid, you begin to manifest the Divine Plan, to anchor the Gaiadon Consciousness on the Earth, to bring to fruition the birthing of the Gaiadon Crystal Child.

As we all understand the essence of this new Being is pure love and pure light, so shall the new era be of pure love and pure light.

Yet again, it is the essence that is important as you walk the Earth in this pure radiance of the Gaiadon Celestial Light Being. You simply know you are this Divine Gaiadon and the new consciousness shall change the very destiny of our beloved planet, transforming all of creation into this new consciousness of Mastery. 

Those who walk this path are given new tools of empowerment

As you receive the new energetics that propel you into total self-realization, you are at the same time fulfilling the Divine task of anchoring the Gaiadon Earth Sacred Portal.

Your Light Body now radiates with new higher light frequencies and exhibits an enhanced new radiance of the new Celestial Heart that shall completely transform your light body into an amazing force field of light as you shall be-come one with the Source Heart.

You open the seals of Celestial intelligence. The key to secret wisdom is offered to you.

As you begin to gather divine insights, you are the scribe, the one who records your inner wisdom for posterity.

You are indeed the Celestial Beings who are the voyagers of this cosmos, this grand creation of Goddess-God that you are.

The initiations include

1. The Celestial Aumkabah of Love Activation

2. Study of many sacred and ancient /spiritual sciences

3. The Bodhisattva initiation

4. The Ascended Master Initiation

5. The Celestial Sirian HIgh Council Initiation

6. The Celestial Sirian High Council Initiation

7. Healing

And many many more…

And so our ascension journey lifts us, lifts us, lifts us into own unity-matrix with the Divine.