Gaiadon Heart

Eternal Core Heart of

Let’s wake up together…

This is an incredible journey beyond into the New Dimension
of Love.
You shall move through the continuum of ascension to the
New Gaia and co-create the New Dimension of Love.

  1. The Dawn of New Gaia
  2. Birth of the Gaiadon Crystal Consciousness – The Conscious Divine One
  3. Manifesting the new Temples of Science
  4. New Cultivation
  5. Seeding New Star Races
  6. Future Spiritual Science
  7. The Land of Truth and Freedom
  8. Re-turning to Gaia-Light
  9. Heaven on Earth
    You shall return as the Masters of the multi-verses and shall manifest Heaven on Earth with your Eternal Core Heart of Gaia-Light.

    Being the Gaiadon Love Divine is our birthright, our heritage and our responsibility… Welcome!

    Gaia-Light Love,