Gaiadon Heart

The Gaiadon Heart
Module III

It is time now to align ourselves with the highest frequency of Gaiadon Love and be open to receive the encodements that are given to us by Spirit to activate our light bodies and the planetary consciousness grids to welcome the incoming dimension of Love.

The Gaiadon Ascension Portals that have been opened up, by the unified love frequencies of the whole Gaiadon Heart Family, have indeed been a vital gateway through the stars and you have accelerated through these amazing portals with your activated and encoded light bodies.

Your Celestial Supra-Heart Supra-gram of Love immediately senses the new incoming frequencies and begins to receive the pure refined energies of Source and Gaia-Heart.

The light body changes and continues to change until at last it embraces the One Pure Light and then you are indeed within the soft and encompassing warmth of your Home, with your Aum-Ka-Bah of Love. Activating our new Gaiadon Ascension Aumkabah of Love, with the superior encodements and new frequencies, we prepare ourselves to embark on the tasks beyond ascension.

What we shall accomplish

Module III
  1. The Qetheric Delta-Light Ascension Aumkabah of Love: The Qetheric Delta-Light Ascension Frequency
  2. Into the Void (with Gaia)
  3. The Alchemy of Time
  4. The Gaiadon Earth-Heart Mastery Initiation
  5. The Final Dimensional Door
  6. The Gaiadon Heart Continuum Continues… The Pulstar of Love
  7. Liquid Light Resonance of the New Crystal Body: Healing
  8. The Aumkabah Keys of Ascension: Daily Routine
  9. The 9th Vibration – 9-9-9 – The End – The New Beginning:… and much more.
The Eternal Core Heart of Gaia Light
  1. The Dawn of New Gaia
  1. The Birth of the Gaiadon Crystal Consciousness
  2. Manifesting the new Temples of Science
  3. New Cultivation
  4. Seeding New Star Races
  5. Future Spiritual Science
  6. The Land of Truth and Freedom
  7. Re-turning to Gaia-Light
  8. Heaven on Earth
    Being the Gaiadon Love Divine is our birthright, our
    heritage and our responsibility…

Gaia-Light Love