Gaiadon Heart

The Gaiadon Heart
Module IB

The New frequencies that shall be anchored upon Gaia are higher dimensional frequencies of Divine Light and hold very rarified and subtle energies that once encoded in your light body shall change the very fabric of your cellular membranes and also shall elevate you to the most profound states of Divinity.

So it is with great excitement that I present to you the new encodements that shall be available to you in the form of The Gaiadon Heart IB Facilitator Seminar.

What is new about Module IB?

The flood of new information that has been received, replaces completely all that is of the past and takes us to the greatest heights of spiritual wisdom and love.

The energies we are working with now are higher frequencies that will amplify the energies of the Infinity Holomatrix, transforming our light body structure into an amazing meta-dimensional Harmonic Resonance Meta-gram of love. We encode into this light body structure, the harmonic frequencies of meta-light, a super-refined frequency that is so subtle and powerful, that it changes the very fibre of our being into a meta-light Divine Consciousness energy.

  • The Harmonic Resonance Meta-Light Aumkabah of Love Activation.
  • The Soular Heart Activation
  • The Spiral of Ascension Activation
  • Harmonic Now-Time Activation
  • The Harmony of the Spheres
  • The Great Perfection: The Gaiadon Arhatic Initiation
  • Heart Sutra Activation
  • Lotus Sutra Activation
  • Jewel in the Lotus of the Heart Activation
  • Co-Creation: A New Heaven & A New Earth
    And much more

The whole membrane of our cellular structure transforms into Meta-Light, a rarified essential light that amplifies the highest aspect of our Divine Consciousness, never before experienced on Earth, holding the Divine Feminine – Divine Masculine integration at the DNA level, (micro-cosmic) and at the macro-cosmic level, by bringing in a new infra-cosmic subtle light called Meta- Light into our cells, light body and consciousness. This light is of the Source and embraces all of Creation and changes every aspect of our physicality into this meta-gold love and light.

The Harmonic Resonance Aumkabah of Love-

We will now begin to manifest a new Aumkabah Light Body which is known as the Harmonic Resonance Meta-Light Aumkabah of Love, which transforms our 33rd Degree Infinity Aumkabah of Love into a very powerful and dynamic structure of Higher Light and Higher Love.

It is the perfect Light Body Vehicle that we need to manifest, to access the 8th Dimensional Orionis Energy, to co-create the Planet of 5th Dimensional energies. As we pulse our new 33rd Degree Harmonic Resonance Meta-gram of Love into our consciousness realities it is now necessary to fully anchor the Gaiadon Order on Earth, to raise the potential of human endeavor to fully create a new reality. And now we need more than just 5th Dimensional energies to do this. Our 33rd Degree Harmonic Resonance Meta-gram of Love holds the perfect balance and the Harmony of the Spheres to pulsate as a vibrant new light body structure, which activates the blueprint of ascension for the whole human race. The Harmonic Resonance Meta-gram of Love enhances the 33rd Degree Infinity Holomatrix of love with the powerful Soular frequencies of the Galactic Core, and we embody The Great Central Sun. It holds within its core center, the harmonics of time, light and love, and vibrates with a resonance factor that is aligned with the Harmonic Resonance of the Great Central Sun that lies energetically at the center of the Universe.

All those who attain this level of self-conscious, self-awareness, like the Soular Beings, radiate this vibration. This is the sign of an enlightened being, closest to the Divinity within. Our new light body structure is ready to experience new realities of Time, and hence must harmonize Time at all levels. By holding the Harmonic Resonance frequency within our core center, our heart-soul and by opening up our consciousness to new Time experiences, we learn to release physical time and all limitations of Time.