Gaiadon Heart

Source Light Activations of The Gaiadawn Core Heart

As we come to the last dimensional veil that exists between materialism and such a unified consciousness, only love can melt this frequency wall that exists between this and the next.

We experience the Gaia-Dawn Synergetic Source Light Frequency of Love.

Multi-versal Consciousness and Parallel Realities: Exploring Timelines: The tasks that lie ahead of us require us to cross time-lines and experience multi-dimensional consciousness in a very real way, and to draw the best of all realities into one reality.

It is now time to become aware of our time-lines and observe the different stories that are emerging for us to glean the optimum learning experiences for the akashic vaults of divine wisdom and light.

To observe and integrate our different realities we need to activate our multi-versal consciousness and the multi-dimensional thought and vision that can perceive all realities.

What we shall experience

The Great Eternity – Time Beyond Time

Crystal Cities of Light

The Breath of Brahma

Pyramid Light




Ascendance Light

Merging Time-lines

Limitless Light

Love is All…

Multi-versal Beingness

Source Heart Light of All That Is

And so much more..